Our passion for Sankyo flip clocks


We at Only Once have a true passion for collecting rare and beautiful flip clocks. Most Sankyo models have an alarm clock with a rolling seconds reel, few even have a subtle backlit display. Usually powered by a 220V cord they occasionally even come as a battery equipped travel clock version. Sankyo flip clocks are one of our favorite and most beautiful ones. Their most iconic and famous clock radio is the 4000. We currently have two of those in our shop. We do also have the 4010 and the 431 version from 1969. The Sankyo Digi-Glo model 423 is equally beautiful.

Sankyo time-glo vintage flip clocks work great and are very precise. Although being vintage they have a nice modern contemporary (we would even say timeless) look and their specific 1960s – 1970s color tone are ranging from orange to mustard yellow making these vintage electronic pieces stand out! Whether for home decoration purposes or actual use they will just look brilliant next to your bed.

When we get these rare and beautiful flip clocks into our hands we always make sure that you will get a beautifully reclaimed functional piece of vintage flip clock.We mostly keep an eye out for functional pieces in great condition. From time to time few of our Sankyo alarm clocks are broken or come in a used condition. If the clocks are not working properly we have to disassemble them carefully, repairing the broken parts replacing them from other Sankyo clocks that we keep for spare parts purposes. Finally we oil all mechanical parts so the alarm clock will last you for another decades. Finally we use special procedures to make them shiny again. We always try to preserve original parts and reclaim them to be as close to their original state when they were first pulled out from their original boxes.

Sankyo flip clocks are a design highlight from the golden Seventies. Designed and manufactured between 1960 to 1980 by Sankyo Seiki company in Japan, which started up in the aftermath of World War II, they used the latest technology in automation. Sankyo Seiki Industry Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1954 and the Company’s line of business includes manufacturing steel spring products. We found out that the naming – Sankyo (三共 Sankyō) means „third one“ in Japanese.