We collect unique / vintage artifacts

Welcome to the world of Only/Once ● Driven by passion for the original, our desire is to reconnect with an authenticity that seems to be missing in our modern lives ● The grand effort that we take, is to find beautiful and unique artifacts that we like ● Each piece has a different character and a different story to tell ● We mainly focus and select objects from the 20th century that only exist once and that have an extraordinary design and iconic shape ● Within our selection, we always strive to capture and preserve the beauty of each individual piece with its original charm and visible history ● With grand care we decently retouch our objects in order to breathe in new life ● Certain pieces we restore from the ground up, making sure their functionality and usability will last another decade ● Our wide range of selected artifacts includes lighting, electronics, clocks and accessories ● We want to share our love for unique & rare objects with likeminded people like you ● All of our objects are original and authentic ● Only the best selected artifacts make it on our webshop and can be purchased worldwide ● We are Only/Once.